1. We come and sit down with you, evaluate your needs and explain what loans we think suit your purpose and requirements. We will provide you with a personalised mortgage proposal for you that outlines the lenders’ best rates and product features.
  2. Together we decide which lender offers the most attractive package of rate and features for your specific needs. We then complete an application form and electronically forward your application to that lender, along with the required supporting documents to prove your financial position to the lender and gain approval.
  3. We then also liaise with your solicitor and any other related parties to ensure that the whole process is smooth. And keep you informed of what happens next, step by step, so you really don’t have to worry. We’re here to ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible.
  4. Once approval is received — usually within a week or so — simply sign the required forms and you’ve got your mortgage!
  5. Your Broker and the support team are always contactable in the future if you have any questions regarding your loan and how to use any features.


We’re here to help answer your questions. We want you to grow and prosper, have access to information and knowledge that will help you grow your wealth well into the future. Find out for yourself why we say ‘We’re on your side’.