We have mentioned before that we do not favour one lender over another, and we mean it. There is a tendancy within the broker industry to send business to one particluar lender in search of quick approval times. We feel this goes against the meaning (our philosophy) of being a broker. We do not suggest possible lenders to decrease our effort or workload in any way, we suggest lenders ONLY to get the best loan we can for you and your circumstances. We don’t care if the best loan means fighting/pushing/clawing our way through it, that is what we are here for, so long as you benefit in the end, we have done our job……the one we were engaged to do.

When you arrange a mortgage through us it is not just about that mortgage. We like to think that we have entered a relationship that will last you a lifetime.

In addition to providing you with a mortgage that suits your needs, we are committed to keeping you completely informed about the current market and provide you with regular opportunities to increase your knowledge about all things financial at no cost to you. Excuse the cliché, but as they say: Knowledge is power.

So please do contact us by picking up the phone, sending us an email or filling out the form below. We’d love to chat about your circumstances, answering any questions and finding the perfect loan for you.


We’re here to help answer your questions. We want you to grow and prosper, have access to information and knowledge that will help you grow your wealth well into the future. Find out for yourself why we say ‘We’re on your side’.